Our Sectors

Who we work with.

We cover a whole host of different industries & sectors with the supply of our products, and product ranges.

Whilst there are too many to highlight here, you can rest assured that if you require our assistance in the supply of local produce on either a large or small scale within your organisation, we will have a solution to fit with your needs.

From cafes, bistros & restaurants, to hospitals, schools, colleges & universities, and everything in between, Tamar Fresh has you covered.

Get in touch with the team to discuss your requirements, and we guarantee that you’ll receive outstanding customer service.


Industry Sectors We Cater For.


At Tamar Fresh, we are dedicated to providing exceptional food service to the education sector,


At Tamar Fresh, we are dedicated to providing exceptional food service to the healthcare sector.

Other Sectors

At Tamar Fresh, we serve many different industry sectors, please get in contact to find out more.


Accredited to Industry Standards

Tamar Fresh is a name you can trust and we are committed to the highest standards. We are audited twice a year by the prestigious food standards consultants STS who are known for setting best practice and industry standards in food safety and hygiene. 

STS look at every part of the business – our goods, ensuring that they are stored and rotated correctly, staff training, how we run our business, and all aspects of food preparation, overall hygiene of the premises and our production methods. 

Not everyone in our trade is accredited in this way but for us, it makes complete sense – we work to the highest standards in any case, so we’re happy to be audited in order to offer our customers that reassurance. It is essential for some of our customers that we have this but to others it just offers peace of mind and the confidence that things are being done right!