Dairy & Dairy Alternatives

Tamar Fresh takes pride in being your trusted local dairy supplier, offering a wide range of delectable dairy and dairy-alternative products to meet all your customers’ needs. From fresh milk to UHT options, flavourful butters and spreads, creamy milkshakes, and a variety of traditional and fruit yogurts, our extensive selection is sure to satisfy.

As a Westcountry dairy supplier, we showcase several options of clotted creams, each one indulgent and rich in flavour. We also cater to those seeking dairy alternatives, providing spreads and milks suitable for various dietary preferences.

Our cheese collection is a true delight, featuring traditional cheddars, smoky Applewood, tangy feta, and a range of soft cheeses and cottage cheese. Supporting our local cheese producers is of utmost importance to us, not only because their products are incredibly delicious but also to champion the regional dairy industry. You’ll find an array of options, including creamy Cornish brie, the rustic charm of Sharpham Rustic, and the crumbly delight of Devon blue.

If you’re unable to find a specific item you’re looking for, our friendly dairy supplier team is just a call away and ready to assist. Here are some of the dairy and dairy-alternative products we supply:


Here are some of the Dairy & Dairy Alternatives we supply:

  • Milk
  • Double cream
  • Clotted cream
  • Yoghurt
  • Cheese
  • Soft cheese
  • Crème fraiche
  • Margarine blocks
  • Butter
  • Milkshakes