Why Choose Tamar Fresh ?

Your Trusted Source for Quality Produce

Your business is our business and we’re committed to supplying the best local produce and individual service, at great prices! That’s why we’re the supplier of choice for hotels, restaurants, pubs, and schools.

We don’t just sell fruit and veg (though we do sell plenty because it tastes delicious). We also supply dairy products, dry goods, fresh quality meats, sandwiches and prepared vegetables. If there’s something you’re after that you can’t see on our product list, the chances are we can source it for you, so please speak to one of our friendly team who will be happy to help.

We’re proud of what we supply and our whole team is dedicated to giving excellent customer service. Reliability is central to everything we do, because your business depends upon it. We are proud that our clients return to us again and again, because they know they can trust us.


We Care About the Environment

At Tamar Fresh, we are dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint. In 2023, we took the decision to turn our workforce into Eco-Warriors by making sure we can reduce our energy usage where ever possible. From installing solar panels on our factories, all the way to purchasing all electric vehicles, we are doing our best to save the planet (while still making yummy food). 


100Kw of Solar Panels installed

Generating 70% of electricity we use in the business able to run fridges, freezers, pump trucks, lighting, PC’s, phone systems etc.

Purchase of new All Electric E-Transit

Lighting in the business moved to LED

Lights on sensors as opposed to switch off when not in use

Locally Focused

At Tamar Fresh, our commitment to being locally focused is at the heart of everything we do. We handpick our local fresh food suppliers, ensuring that we work with the best in the business. Our network of suppliers comes from the bountiful Tamar Valley, the lush South Hams, and the untamed landscapes of Dartmoor. These traditional heartlands are renowned for producing top-quality foods, and we have built strong relationships with our suppliers over the years. This means we know exactly where your food comes from, guaranteeing that what you buy from us is of the highest quality, with a price that matches.

As a family business deeply rooted in southeast Cornwall, we take pride in creating local jobs for local people. Many of our dedicated staff members have been with us since the very beginning of Tamar Fresh, and they are truly part of our family. Their extensive knowledge of our local fresh food products and their shared passion for providing exceptional customer service are invaluable assets to our business.

Community involvement is a core value for our family business. We actively engage with our local community by visiting schools and conducting cooking demonstrations and food tasting sessions. These activities help educate children about the importance of nutrition and the value of high-quality food. We also sponsor local rugby clubs and school sports days, promoting an active and healthy lifestyle. Additionally, we frequently participate in charity events and contribute raffle prizes to raise funds for good causes.

As one of Cornwall’s largest employers, we take pride in supporting local people through job opportunities. We believe in creating a strong financial support network across Devon and Cornwall. The hardworking farmers and growers we buy from, along with the staff we employ, in turn, contribute to the local economy by purchasing from other local shops and businesses. Together, we create a robust and sustainable local economy, strengthening the fabric of our communities.

By choosing Tamar Fresh, you not only enjoy the finest local produce but also actively participate in supporting local jobs, fostering community engagement, and promoting a thriving regional economy. We are proud to be your local food provider, and we remain dedicated to delivering exceptional quality and service that you can rely on. Join us in our commitment to building a stronger, more sustainable future for Devon and Cornwall.

Accredited to Industry Standards

Tamar Fresh is a name you can trust and we are committed to the highest standards. We are audited twice a year by the prestigious food standards consultants STS who are known for setting best practice and industry standards in food safety and hygiene. 

STS look at every part of the business – our goods, ensuring that they are stored and rotated correctly, staff training, how we run our business, and all aspects of food preparation, overall hygiene of the premises and our production methods. 

Not everyone in our trade is accredited in this way but for us, it makes complete sense – we work to the highest standards in any case, so we’re happy to be audited in order to offer our customers that reassurance. It is essential for some of our customers that we have this but to others it just offers peace of mind and the confidence that things are being done right!