The Proper Range

Discover the 'Proper Range' Difference

Introducing the Proper Range, the destination for delicious, locally made grab-and-go products. Our purpose-built sandwich, salad, and sushi production unit is dedicated to creating fresh and flavourful offerings that cater to various sectors, including education, health, entertainment, and retail. With a commitment to quality and food safety, we strive to exceed your expectations.

Our product range is constantly expanding, reflecting our dedication to providing a diverse selection of options. Here’s a snapshot of some of the products available from the Proper Range:

Proper Pastries
Proper Sushi
Proper Poke Bowls
Proper Simple Sandwhiches
Proper Sandwiches
Proper Vegan
Proper Dairy and Gluten Free
Proper Toastie Sandwhiches
Proper Wraps
Proper Paninis
Proper Rolls
Proper Breakfast Rolls
Proper Pasta Pots
Proper Retail Salad Bowls
Proper Fillings
Proper Fruit Pots
Proper Platters
Proper Cream Teas

A 'Proper' Facility

Our Proper Range is prepared in a purpose-built sandwich, salad and sushi production unit, producing locally made, fresh grab & go products for;

• Education
• Health
• Entertainment
• Retail

The Proper Range is prepared to the highest food safety standards with a commitment to constantly improve. We are pleased this offers confidence, reassurance and back-up in all food safety matters. Our product range through internal and external testing also offers full traceability.

We are proud that our site is Micron 2 accredited.

The Proper Difference

Our sandwich boxes are 100% recyclable, compostable, printed on FSC certified board and supplied carbon neutral. The clear film window is made from wood pulp. The wood is sourced from FSC sustainably managed certified forests. Cellulose fibres in wood pulp goes through a casting process and regenerates into a certified industrial and home compostable film called NatureFlex. Used for our clear windows, it is greaseproof and suitable for hot and cold food products.

Our vehicle fleet use EURO 6 engines – The most CO2 efficient engine available

In our warehouse, we eradicated plastic bags and replaced with paper bags saving 2 tonnes of plastic-use per annum

Our vehicle fleet use EURO 6 engines – The most CO2 efficient engine available

Sandwich & Wrap packaging is all plastic free


100% recyclable into mixed and card recycling

Carbon Capture partnership with our printer to ensure trees are planted